Mrauk U is an ancient city and situated in Rakhine State, Myanmar and it is also one of the most important site for archaeologists to observe different artifacts in the area. Mrauk U lies Eastern Kaladan River and is surrounded by hills in both northern and southern part. King Narameikhla (1404-1434 A.D) founded Mrauk u and remained the same as the capital for the next 400 years. To reach to Mrauk U, visitors need to take boat about 5 hours from Sittwe following along the bend of the Kaladan River. It can be said that Mrauk U is another ancient city with lots of pagodas spreading over the land just as it is in Bagan but with entirely different times back in ancient Myanmar history. Mrauk U was once known as Amsterdam of Asia and the visitors are entertained by its captivatingly unique pagodas. Mrauk u is fabulously atmospheric lost city of tumbledown medieval stupas, shrines, temples and palaces, around a rocky plateau in the extreme west of Burma.